National Poultry Processors Credit Group

As with all trade industry credit groups, networking is an important part of the group activities. The Poultry Processors represent a very large market share of this industry and share their experience as it relates to the customer issues and payment performance. Meetings are 3 times a year and always have an educational program which sometimes includes a customer of general interest to the group.


Group Features

Electronic Submission

Members are able to submit their accounts receivable information electronically. Our automated system accepts a fairly standard format.

Set of Monthly Credit Information Reports

Every month a member can submit up to ten (10) accounts for clearance. A consolidated pack of trade clearance reports will be prepared and sent to members by email.

Emergency E-mail Communications System

A service whereby members are emailed as soon as responsible Group committee members receive word on the impending filing of a petition or some other drastic action by a debtor.


With credit managers of similar interest and responsibilities - so important in establishing cooperation and confidence for mutual benefit.

Additional Daily Credit Information Report Service

In the event interim credit reports are required in addition to the regular monthly pack of reports, they can be purchased online through NGMC’s database. There is an additional charge for each report and members can purchase a report contract with no expiration at a discounted rate.

Membership Meetings

Three (3) regularly scheduled National Poultry Processors Credit Group meetings are held at national locations suitable to the membership, wherein the opportunity is presented for a discussion of mutual accounts and credit management problems of general interest. Members are encouraged to meet, engage in a confidential and highly professional exchange of historical payment experience of their mutual customers with techniques of deeply skilled administration of credit management and collection responsibilities.

Manual of Procedures

Including By-Laws and Membership Directory identifying Group members by number on reports to aid in report study, customer history and trends.

Membership In: 
The National Poultry Processors Credit Group

Automatically qualifies you for membership in the following long established credit group exclusively sponsored for members of the National Group Management Corp. at an additional nominal membership fee arrangement:William H. Koopman Credit Group, division of Nat’l Group Management Corp. (NGMC) - Westmont, NJ. The group meets appox. 9 times annually in Chicago, IL - monthly, with no meeting in February, June & October of each year.This specialized group provides an exchange of information in the areas of Special Accounts, General Accounts, Method Discussion, Policies and Procedures, enabling more enlightened credit granting from a better-informed group.This group operates within its own set of By-Laws and group authorized Advisory Officers.

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